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Decision to sell citrus & apples for your fundraiser !

Most  organizations meet with their teams or organizations in August thru Early October to schedule your fruit sales for delivery in late November and early December.  Call Dunn-Wright Inc. at 888-503-0288  no later than mid October and we will help you get started to conduct a successful fundraiser.  We assist you in every way with free sales material and social media including your own web site !


Choosing Products to sell & setting your prices

Dunn-Wright Inc. will quote you your delivered price of the fruits your organization decides to sell.

We offer the best selection among all competitors and the choices we have are proven and produce results for your sales.  Our prices are some of the best in the industry for variety and quality of fruit.

Typically,  your group should mark up a box of fruit from $7-10 dollars.  We  can provide you with our thoughts and it is recommended to talk with us before you start selling your fruit especially if this is the first time.  We will tell you if you are too high or even too low.  We want you to maximize your sales without scaring away your customers.

Advertise !
Advertise !
Advertise !

Contact you local newspapers along with your local radio stations.

A lot of organizations already have presence on the web with their Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter feeds and also your school web sites !

Don’t forget about the free sales brochures we can provide to you as well.

We  also have for you your own web page for showcasing the products you are selling  and costs.  Free of charge.  Also starting this year, we will be working with all groups setting up messaging to contact their regular customers.  We are very excited about this.  This will  be a very important step for your group to embrace this year with covid-19  interfering with face to face sales.


Ready to order your fruit !

Its the end of your sales.  

Tally your orders and give us a call.  We will verbally take your order over the phone. 

Afterwards, we will send you a sales confirmation.  Do not over look this  important step.  Please check all quantities and make sure they match up with what we discussed while taking the order.  If quantity or other product needs to be corrected, call us.  If everything looks correct,  respond in kind to the confirmation  with yes.

Also during this time, we will discuss delivery dates and times with you as well.

Taking delivery

You will be contacted before the truck leaves our facility.

Most of our trucks are able to deliver starting the next morning.  Please be sure to have your team members and other volunteers ready to help unload the truck upon arrival.

All of our trucks will be refrigerated trucks.  Drivers of these trucks do not unload.  Many though are kind enough to help and guide which pallets to take.  All pallets will be clearly marked front and back with your groups name in brite colored pallet tags.  While we pride ourselves on making the order counts correct, it is always wise to count on your end before the driver leaves.  If there is a shortage, notate it on the bill and someone will contact us quickly so that we may correct it for you.

Upon unloading the truck, it is your responsibility to disperse the fruit as quick as possible.  If you must hold fruit overnight, please try to keep it in a cool room or out building no colder than 35 deg and no warmer than 45-50 deg.


Our terms are net 10 Days from date of delivery.

Any damage or shortages need to be reported to us within 24 hrs of delivery.

Severe damage to boxes/ tipped pallets and such need to be notated on the bill of lading BEFORE the driver leaves the premise.


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