Our plans for our safety and you and your customers

Moving forward in these uncertain times, we at Dunn-Wright Inc. have already set into motion a series of steps that are recommended and to be followed strictly while handling and packing your fruit and gift packs for your upcoming fruit sales.

Several things that we have discussed and are beginning to implement here at Dunn-Wright Inc will bring needed changes as we begin another season of picking, packing and loading of citrus, apples and gift packs here at our facility.  We want you to  know that we are taking this seriously and will do all that we can humanly do to help you confidently hold your fruit sales and to let your customers know that their product has been handled in the most professional way possible during these trying times.

1  All employees will be screened and temperatures taken twice a day during our season via thermal scanning and logged every day.  Once before entering the facility and once during mid production after breaks.

2  All employees will be required to wear face masks during all shifts and duties and food service gloves will be worn by those packing the  apples and citrus.

3  Aggressive hand cleaning after every break will be mandatory along with sanitizing hand gel provided to those that cannot wear food service gloves while performing their duties and logged per employee.

4  Plexiglass panels will be placed to separate workers where needed  in close proximity to all products during production.

5  Timed disinfectant wipe downs of all equipment including forklifts, pallet jacks, tapers, conveyors, tables, office equipment and bathrooms will be done several times during the day and evenings.

At Dunn-Wright Inc, our workforce is well aware of what must be done and for whom we do it for.  You the buyer, your customers and ourselves.  Feel confident about our products and the  quality in which they were produced.

Dan Wright

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