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Dan Wright... owner of Dunn-Wright Inc.

Yep…..Thats me !

Doing what I love and do best !~  In the groves and orchards inspecting   citrus and apples that we grow and also ship from from other growers as well.

Dunn-Wright Inc. is located just outside Murray, Kentucky.  Our facility consists of 12,000 square feet with the capacity to refrigerate up the 12 semi loads of produce at peak season.  We can effectively service all the Midwest and mid south states within 1 day travel time from our location.

Dunn-Wright Inc. has now surpassed the 36 YEARS of SERVICE in the field of gift fruit and commercial shipping.  That 36 years has given us the wisdom of whom the good growers are and we have made many friends down the line that have served us in the most outstanding ways.

We have learned a lot of things from the past and continue to learn about even more new growing techniques in this never ending field of agronomy.

More importantly, we’ve learned the importance of  quality.  Without that, our business wouldn’t have survived over the past 36 years.

Dealing with perishables is not for the light hearten and this is why more customers come to Dunn-Wright Inc for their fruit sales year after year.  They know that they will get it at the right price and the highest quality.

If you have made it this far in the site, stop and take a look at all that we have to offer for your fundraising needs.  There is not another supplier out there that can match our selections that we offer to you and your customers !

Also, down below in “Meet Our TEAM ” are those individuals that make Dunn-Wright Inc successful in every way.  We could not do it without them.  Its just not me behind your orders….it’s all of us !


Dan Wright

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